Sustainability Promise at Releaf Box

We acknowledge that everything we create has an impact on the health and wellbeing of the people we serve and employee, and the planet we live on. Our goal is to produce all Releaf Box products with the lightest footprint as possible. Here is how we plan to do that.

What we're doing now

Stepping stones

Releaf Box is a small company and we consider the actions we're taking now as stepping stones toward our goal of greater sustainability. As we grow, we have more options available to us, working with new partners and learning how to be environment-first while sustaining a new company. We appreciate your patience with us as we learn how to create a sustainable business.

Carbon neutral shipping

Every time you place an order with us, your shipping emissions are offset by us. The convenience of bringing Releaf Box to your door often means transit pollution. By offsetting our emissions in shipping, we aren't adding to CO2 levels when you get a box of Releaf Box delivered. Our next goal? Making our supply chain carbon neutral by 2023.

Recyclable packaging and a lighter footprint

Our shipping boxes recycling-friendly and made from post-consumer content.

Responsible sourcing

We only work with ingredient suppliers with strict sustainable sourcing in place.

Our next steps

100% sustainable packaging

Our goal is to use lightweight material like cardboard or a compostable composite to ensure our carbon footprint is minimized. We are currently working with our manufacturers to source these materials that will still keep your supplements safe and dry, and easily ship to you and our retail partners without damage and breakage.

Continue to work with sustainability auditors

We will continue to work toward greener packaging by working with sustainability consultants to make sure we are doing everything we can to stay planet-friendly.

100% carbon neutral

Currently our shipping to you, our wonderful customers, is carbon neutral. Our goal is to make sure every stage of our products is carbon neutral as well: from our manufacturers, to our ingredient suppliers around the globe, to shipping to our retail partners. We aim to be completely carbon neutral by 2023.

If you have any questions or comments that you'd like to share with us, please use the "contact us" form below to contact us. Thank you!

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