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Amy's Story

Like many women, Amy suffered each month from painful cramps, bloating, and emotional sensitivity.  Her partner, Lucas, wanted to help, but felt helpless not knowing how.  After several failed attempts at finding her over-the-counter medications that were both effective and free of harmful side effects, he started looking for naturopathic remedies.  He brought home product after product for her to try.  They discovered that instead of trying to find a single remedy to all of the symptoms she suffered through each month, it made more sense to address each one individually since they didn’t always occur at the same time.

Amy became emotional a few days before her period (seriously, she could cry at the drop of a hat), but was not hurting or really all that bloated just yet.  So while she didn’t need anything for pain or bloating, she did need something for emotional sensitivity.  Then a day or two before her period started, she would begin retaining so much water that her skin hurt to touch and her clothing wouldn't fit so she would need a safe diuretic to reduce bloating.  And then of course, a few days later, she would experience painful cramping, fatigue, and cravings.

Sound familiar? And so the search for natural remedies and the story of Releaf Box began.


Lucas' Story

After years of watching his partner, Amy, suffer from menstrual cramps, body aches, bloating and mood swings each month, he was determined to find a healthy solution to bring her comfort.  She had always relied on pharmaceutical drugs which provided some relief but had become more conscientious of what she put in her body and was reluctant to rely on consumables that could be harmful to her liver and body as a whole.

They began qualitatively researching natural alternatives that could provide relief without negatively impacting her health or cognitive functions.  Not surprisingly, their female friends & acquaintances were intrigued by his mission to bring Amy relief and agreed to help test the natural period relief products.  Now with a larger test group (81 women), the complexity of Lucas' experiment had increased but this also made his experiment more empirical from a scientific perspective.  After months of controlled testing that assessed the efficacy of various supplement products, he now had the data that identified which brands reduced the groups period symptoms the most effectively and consistently.  And from this, the Period Releaf Box was born: a combination of natural products that holistically targets and relieves an array of recurring period symptoms.

We hope the Period Releaf Box helps save you time in your search to find natural period symptom remedies but most of all, we hope it provides you with the period relief you deserve!

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